Did you know that there was an ENT Practice in Plymouth?


ENT Private Practice in Plymouth run by Dr Khatwa is a private practice that specialises in ear, nose and throat. ENT Plymouth can help you with a number of issues you may be facing, such as snoring, sinus surgery as well as nasal surgery. If you’re in need of a nasal and sinus surgery in Plymouth and after a high quality consultant, then ENT Plymouth may be a good option for you to explore.

Sinus Surgery Plymouth

If you believe you’re having serious issues with your sinuses, we may feel at ENT Plymouth that you may need Sinus Surgery in Plymouth. Sinus Surgery is very common and it happens to a large number of people.

Sinuses are air-filled pockets in bones of the face and head that everyone has which are all connected to the inside of  your nose. Without your sinuses you would find it very difficult to breathe. However what can cause issues is that your sinus pockets can can infected and inflamed which can cause you discomfort. This can lead to Sinusitis. If this goes of for a number of time it may mean that you need to have Sinus Surgery in Plymouth.

Sinusitis is down to your sinuses being blocked and can feel like a large amount of pressure on your face and mucus problems. If you are prone to sinusitis which some people are, the only way to help your on going condition would be to have Sinus Surgery in Plymouth. Sinus Surgery is the most common surgical method to treat sinusitis.

ENT Plymouth would operate through your nostrils as it helps you to recover faster. We want to cause you the least amount of discomfort as possible. The Sinus Surgery in Plymouth that you would receive is relatively safe, but of course there are some risks involved as with any surgery.

Nasal Surgery in Plymouth

If you are struggling with nasal problems, nasal surgery in Plymouth may be the only option that you have to relieve the symptoms you are facing. Nasal Surgery involves a very narrow scope which is used to look into our nasal passage and sinuses. It will include removal of any abnormal tissue that may be in your nose that is causing you discomfort. This should leave your nose feeling clearer and drainage is easier.

We want you to be comfortable with having nasal surgery in Plymouth. We understand that the process may be scary, but our lead consultant Dr Mohamed Khatwa knows exactly what he is doing. Sinus Surgery in Plymouth by a sinus specialist is most often performed to relieve the patient of a painful sinus infection, or the symptoms of chronic sinusitis. Polyps are areas of swollen mucosa (nasal lining) which are formed by chronic inflammation and can block the passage of air and in some instances, reduce the nose’s smelling function. ENT in Plymouth will put you in the best care possible, making you feel safe every step of the way.