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by Anonymous on ENT Private Practice
Professionalism of your staff

Dear Dr Alison Diamond

I am writing this letter to congratulate you on the professionalism of your staff:- Mrs B Summer Clinical Nurse specialist and Mr Abo-Khatwa ENT Consultant. We have been attending regularly the ear, nose and throat department at the NDDH with our disabled daughter who has learning disabilities. The way they have treated her and ourselves has been excellent, the care, compassion, patience and understanding we receive each visit makes the whole experience so much more bearable.

Your staff are to be commended! Not everyone know how to deal or interact with people with special needs.

Yours sincerely

JS (29.01.2018)

by Anonymous on ENT Private Practice
Care, patience and understanding

Dear Mr Khatwa

Many thanks!

We would like to say thank you very much for the care, patience and understanding you have shown our daughter.

Thank you again!

Mr + Mrs S

by Anonymous on ENT Private Practice
Excellent Treatment

Dr Abo-Khatwa

I just wanted to write a short letter, thanking you and your staff for the excellent treatment I received.

I suffered five years of reoccuring sinus and chest infections which acted as a trigger for asthma attacks I also suffer from.

My GP finally referred me to yourself. Nasal and sinus polyps were diagnosed.

On the 21st September 2018 you operated on me to remove them.

In the weeks since I have regained my full breathing through my nose and my sense of smell and taste has returned.

I had lost these senses some years ago.

Once again I cannot thank you and your staff enough.

Your sincerely

TK (23/11/2018)

by Anonymous on ENT Private Practice
Total admiration

Dear Mr Khatwa

I have total admiration for you and the work of your team on Knapp Ward. For me it was an eye-opener watching the finest at work in the NHS.

Thank you!

best wishes

AL (11.03.2018)

by Anonymous on ENT Private Practice
Everything possible was done to make me feel comfortable

To Mr Khatwa and all the team

I would like to let you know how much I appreciate all the care and attention I had during my day in surgery on 29/06. Everythign possible was done to make me comfortable from the time I arrived until I left.

Thank you all


by Anonymous on ENT Private Practice
Thank you!

Dear Mr Abo-Khatwa

Thank you so much for your letter assuring me my MAI showed nothing untoward!

It was very good of you to let me know, and very reassuring.

With kind regards

SH (25/09/2018)

by Anonymous on ENT Private Practice
A significant difference to my life

Dear Mr Abo-Khatwa

I wish to express my appreciation of your time and effort to resolve the pain and pressure I had in the right-hand side of my nose. Prior to being reffered to you I had even resorted to snorting Cayenne Pepper to try and relieve the pressure. So, as you can imagine my symptoms were most uncomfortable.

After a scan, you recommended a minimal invasive surgical treatment to enlarge the nasal drainage pathways and improve sinus ventilation. Immediately after the operation I was able to breath through my right nostril and I believe my first words to the the nurse looking after me was my surprise at being able to do so.

The procedure has made a significant difference to my life. the intense pain and pressue in the sinus area has gone. I had some minor residual pressure and you have recommended I use a sinus was and a steroid spray to manage this.

Thank you for making a difference, not just for my but also for my wife who tells me I am less grumpy and more alert. Please pass on our thanks to your whole team, including the anaesthetists.

Yours sincerely

JS (03/09/2018)

by Anonymous on ENT Private Practice
Many thanks

To Mr Abo-Khatwa

Many thanks for my recent operation, and success.

Please also give thanks to the whole team for their care and kindness, all appreciated.

A good 2019 to you all.

HF (31.10.2018)

by Anonymous on ENT Private Practice
Thank you for your understanding and kindness

Dear mr MM abo-Khatwa

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I really wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your careful and informative approach since being referred to you.

Although my symptoms are not 'life threatening', you really took on board the pain and disruption this was having to my daily living and compounded by the fact that I look after my elderly parents, and my mother in law who lives in NZ!

I can honestly say that the operation has been far more successful than I expected, and relieved to be able to feel 'normal' again in my head, it's a shame you can't sort my arm out too!

So again, thank you, not only for the operation, but for your understanding and kindness.

Your sincerely

SL (23.11.2018)

by Anonymous on ENT Private Practice
My thanks and gratitude

Dear Sir

I would like to express my thanks & gratitude for all the treatment I received with regards to my recent nose operation. You were very informative & helpful during the treatment. Please extend my appreciation to the nursing staff.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

JS (29.11.2018)

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